Expired Prospecting Mastery


Expired Prospecting Mastery

Just released! Learn how to make $100,000+ just from working expireds!  This is the exact system I personally used to gross $172,000 my second year as an agent! It took me awhile to "figure it all out". Now you can use my exact system and you don't have to waste time and money making all the mistakes I did. You can make more money and work less NOW!

Key Benefits:

1- Develop the mindset it takes to win at the game of expireds.
2- Learn to create a business that you control and turn it into a money machine.
3- Master the scripts it takes to set expired appointments on a regular basis. 
4- Discover exactly what tools you need to be both effective and efficent!
6- The absolute BEST how-to expired prospecting training available!
7- Exclusive training by Top Producing Agent and Real Estate Coach– AJ Mida

What You Will Learn:

1- The Expired Prospecting Script
2- The Expired Objection Scripts
3- The Psychology behind Expired Prospecting
4 – The Magic Question to get anyone to give you their email address
5- How to close for the appointment
6- Best practices for lead follow up 

Expired Prospecting Mastery

You will learn exactly how I used Expired Prospecting to make over $100,000 in my first full year of real estate. I did this without working most nights and weekends!


$197.00 USD