Six Figure Agent Numbers Tracker

The Six Figure Agent Numbers Tracker is the one tool in your business that will give you complete CLARITY and DIRECTION. Not only does it track your also analyzes them and has a feature that works as your business plan!

With The Number's Tracker you also get a FREE video tutorial showing you how to use this in order to maximize your profits.  


Know your numbers
Predict your income
Track your progress
Identify areas of improvement
Plan your expenses
Increased confidence
Create Self-Motivation

Key Metrics Include:

Transactions Closed
Commission Paid
Days worked
Hours Prospected
Listing Appointments Set
Listing Appointments Held
Listings Taken
Listings Sold
Listings Expired
Listings Cancelled
Buyers Sold


Key Metric Goal Comparison
Average hours prospected per day
Average days prospected per week
Hours prospected for listing appointment
Hours prospected for listing taken
Listing Ratio
Contacts per listing taken
Contacts per listing appointment set
Dollars per contact
Dollars per hour prospected
Average net commission paid


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